Wettability of Polyacetylene: Surface Energetics and Determination of Material Properties

Anthony Guiseppi-Elie, Gary E. Wnek, Sheldon P. Wesson

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The critical surface tension for wetting, γc, of predominantly cis-polyacetylene has been found from contact angle measurements to be 40.1 mN m-1. This is the largest γc found to date for a purely hydrocarbon polymeric solid. When polyacetylene is iodine-doped to (CHI0.20)x, γc increases modestly to 44.2 mN m-1. Changes in the limiting slope in the vicinity γ1→ γc of the Zisman plot suggest that the doped polymer is better wetted by polar liquids. Using γc found for cis-(CH)x and empirical correlations established with the solubility parameter, δ, produced a value of δ = 9.94 (cal cm-3)1/2. This is in good agreement with the value of 9.7 (cal cm-3)1/2 calculated from group contributions. From established empirical correlations between γC and the Lorentz-Lorentz function, the dielectric constant of cis-(CH)x was found to be 3.6. This value is in excellent agreement with previously reported direct measurements. The dispersion component of the substrate surface energy, γsd, has been found, by using the method of Fowkes, to be 58 mN m-1 for cis-(CH)x and 90 mN m-1 for (CHI0.20)x.

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StatePublished - 1986

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