Vertical undermining for the closure of partial thickness surgical defects

Irene J. Vergilis-Kalner, Adam J. Mamelak, Leonard Harry Goldberg

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Vertical undermining for repair of partial thickness defects is a new effective technique that allows the wound edges of partial thickness defects to be freed and mobilized so that they can be repaired primarily. This technique does not call for the removal of the residual dermis at the base of the wound, allowing for conservation of the healthy tissues. By leaving the partial thickness dermis in place, this technique significantly decreases wound- healing times, as well as leads to improved cosmetic outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)674-676
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Drugs in Dermatology
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 2010

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