Usefulness and limitations of circumferential fibre shortening velocity in evaluating segmental disorders of left ventricular contraction

Pedro R. Hernandez-Lattuf, Miguel A. Quinones, William H. Gaasch

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In order to study the possibility of using circumferential fibre shortening velocity (VCF) to assess regional left ventricular performance, 2I left ventricular angiograms (single-plane cine) from i9 patients were examined. In 8 patients with normal left ventricle, measurements of instantaneous and mean VcF in 4 equidistant chords revealed uniform velocities at all chords. In 7 patients with coronary artery disease mean and max VCF were depressed in the areas involved by asynergy; however, when only one wall was affected, velocity measurements of the hemichords provided a better definition of regional performance. VCF at the base (chords A and B) was normal in 2 out of 3 patients with apical asynergy, and augmented in one. Angiotensin produced a reduction in the mean velocity of the anterior wall in apatient with inferior dyskinesis-akinesis; in contrast, nitroglycerin was associated with augmented velocity of the non-akinetic segment in a second patient with inferior akinesis and anteroapical hypokinesis. In contrast to localized asynergy, a diffuse reduction in VCF was observed in a patient with cardiomyopathy. VCF at the base was reduced in a patient with mitral stenosis and in another with mitral valve prolapse, indicating the presence of a localized basal abnornality of left ventricular contraction. The time course of VCp in the patient with mitralprolapse showed an early peak before aortic valve opening, corresponding to a reduction in left ventricular volume (AV) of 22 per cent (in contrast to 3 per cent reduction in the normal left ventricle). Fibre shortening before aortic valve opening was also present in chronic mitral regurgitation (AV= IS%)/ Segmental analysis of normalized velocities provides a quantitative approach to the evaluation of regional left ventricular performance. The sensitivity of VCF to acute changes in loading, however, may limit in some instances the usefulness of this index.

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StatePublished - 1974

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