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SUMMARY. Trimodality therapy is the standard of care for locally advanced resectable esophageal cancer (EC) but carries morbidity and mortality risks; thus, therapy at high-volume facilities (HVFs) may offer advantages. This investigation studied postoperative outcomes and overall survival (OS) in EC patients receiving trimodality therapy at HVFs versus lower-volume facilities (LVFs). The National Cancer Data Base was queried for patients with locally advanced EC receiving trimodality therapy. HVFs referred to the 90th percentile of case volume. Multivariate logistic regression determined factors associated with treatment at HVFs, the Kaplan–Meier analysis compared OS between the HVF and LVF groups, and the Cox proportional hazards modeling determined variables associated with OS. Sensitivity analysis evaluated the impact of varying the HVF definition cutoff on OS. A total of 3,229 patients met study criteria, including 330 (10%) treated at HVFs and 2,899 (90%) at LVFs. Treatment at HVFs was associated with decreased 30-day mortality (1.2% vs. 3.3%, P = 0.044) and trends toward lower 90-day mortality (4.8% vs. 7.8%, P = 0.055) and the length of postoperative hospitalization (11.2 vs. 12.3d, P = 0.059). HVF patients experienced higher median OS (55 vs. 36 months, P = 0.004), which also independently correlated on the Cox multivariate analysis (P = 0.001). Sensitivity analysis showed similar results as the HVF/LVF cutoff was decreased until the 80th percentile. This is the first study demonstrating that the trimodality management of EC at HVFs is associated with improved postoperative outcomes and survival. These data have implications for multidisciplinary oncologic providers, in addition to patient counseling by both referring and treating clinicians.

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JournalDiseases of the Esophagus
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StatePublished - Apr 1 2019


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