Treatment outcomes and lessons learned from transilluminated powered phlebectomy for varicose veins in 1034 patients

Peter H. Lin, Jesus M. Matos, Aaron Chen, Walter Kim, Mun J. Poi, Jenny S. Jiang, Carlos F. Bechara

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Introduction: Transilluminated powered phlebectomy (TIPP) is a minimally invasive technique of varicose vein removal, which combines irrigated illumination with tumescent anesthesia for ablation of superficial varicosities and endoscopic-powered venous resection. The objective of this study was to analyze treatment outcomes of this treatment modality. Methods: A retrospective evaluation of prospectively collected data from all patients undergoing TIPP procedure for symptomatic varicose veins during a recent 12-year period was performed. Pertinent patient demographics, disease classification, perioperative complications, quality of life, and treatment outcomes were collected and analyzed. Results: A total of 1167 limbs in 1034 patients (mean age, 52.4 years) were treated during the study period. The mean procedure time was 18.4 ± 8.9 minutes (range, 6.0-82.0 minutes). The mean number of incisions for TIPP procedure was 6.3 ± 3.6. All TIPP procedures were technically successful, and no patient required conversion to hook stab phlebectomy. Fifteen (1.5%) patients developed residual or recurrent varicosities, which were treated with sclerotherapy during the follow-up period. Postoperative complications included hematoma at 2 weeks (5.8%), ecchymosis at 2 weeks (32.9%), saphenous neuropathy (0.3%), cellulitis (1.0%), and skin pigmentation (1.9%). There was no postoperative deep vein thrombosis or mortality. Conclusions: Transilluminated powered phlebectomy is an effective method for varicose vein removal and is associated with high clinical success and excellent cosmetic results. Meticulous technical steps are critical in achieving successful outcomes while minimizing complications. Technical considerations and lessons learned from our experiences are discussed in this report.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)277-282
Number of pages6
JournalVascular and Endovascular Surgery
Issue number4
StatePublished - May 2016


  • stab phlebectomy
  • transilluminated powered phlebectomy
  • varicose vein

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