Toward a MatlabMPI parallelized immersed boundary method

M. Garbey, F. Pacull

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The chapter focuses on domain decomposition techniques applied to the immersed boundary method (IBM) to decrease computation time. The chapter presents the results in the context of parallel Matlab. Matlab is a high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, and numerical computation that is widely used by the bioengineers. MPI, the library specification for message-passing, is a standard for a broadly based committee of implementers. Matlab MPI is a set of Matlab scripts that implements a subset of MPI and allows any Matlab program to be run on a parallel computer. The immersed boundary method (IBM), originally developed by C.S. Peskin, is a practical method of simulating fluid-structure interactions. The method combines Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions of flow and moving elastic boundaries using Dirac delta functions to distribute the force density. Incompressible Navier-Stokes and Elasticity theory can be unified by the same set of equations to get a combined model of the interaction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationParallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2005
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)9780444522061
StatePublished - 2006

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