The forkhead transcription factors play important roles invascular pathology and immunology

Xiao Feng Yang, Pu Fang, Shu Meng, Michael Jan, Xinyu Xiong, Ying Yin, Hong Wang

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Transcription factor families are a small number of upstream master genes in "higher hierarchy" that control the expression of a large number of downstream genes. These transcription factorshavebeen found to integrate the signalingpathways underlyingthe pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases with or without autoimmuneinflammatorymechanisms. In this chapter,weorganizeour analysisof recentprogressin characterization offorkhead (FOX) transcriptionfactorfamily members in vascular pathologyandimmuneregulationinto the followingsections: (1) Introduction of the FOXtranscriptionfactorsuperfamily; (2)FOXtranscription factorsand endothelialcellpathology; (3) FOXtranscription factorsandvascular smooth muscle cells;and (4)FOXtranscription factors, inflammation andimmunesystem.Advances in theseareas suggest that the FOX transcriptionfactor familyisimportant in regulatingvascular development and the pathogenesis of autoimmuneinflammatorycardiovascular diseases.

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Title of host publicationForkhead Transcription Factors
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PublisherSpringer New York
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StatePublished - 2009

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