Superiority of electrocautery over the suture method for achieving cervical cone bed hemostasis

Aparna A. Kamat, Paul Kramer, Andrew P. Soisson

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OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficacy of electrocautery with that of the suture method for achieving hemostasis of the cervical cone bed. METHODS: We performed a retrospective chart review of all patients who underwent cold-knife conization of the cervix over a 5-year period. Patients were categorized into two groups: the cautery group, in which the cone bed was electrocauterized with a hand-held electrocoagulation device; and the suture group, in which hemostasis was achieved by a continuous locking suture placed circumferentially around the cone bed. Outcome measures evaluated include estimated blood loss, operative time, and incidence of complications, including secondary hemorrhage, cervicitis, and cervical stenosis. Data were analyzed by Student t test, χ2 test, linear regression, and multiple logistic regression where appropriate. RESULTS: There were 156 women in the cautery group and 35 in the suture group. The cautery group had significantly lower estimated blood loss (27 mL versus 101 mL; P < .01) and shorter operative time (34 versus 43 minutes; P < .01) than the suture group. The procedure-related complication rate was 6.4% in the cautery group, compared with 14.3% in the suture group (P = nonsignificant). A higher use of lateral sutures, vasopressors, and thrombotic agents was seen in the cautery group. However, even after adjusting for these variables, mean estimated blood loss (33 mL, P < .01) and mean operative time (34 minutes, P < .01) were significantly less in the cautery group than in the suture group. CONCLUSIONS: Cauterization of the cone bed is superior to suture as a method of achieving hemostasis, with significantly less blood loss and shorter operative time.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)726-730
Number of pages5
JournalObstetrics and Gynecology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 1 2003

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