Status of clinical MR evaluations 1985 - 1988: Baseline and design for further assessments

Craig A. Beam, H. Dirk Sostman, Jing Yuan Zheng

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The authors modified the methods used by Cooper et al (JAMA 1988; 259:3277-3280) to describe magnetic resonance (MR) clinical research during 1985-1988 in an objective manner. To avoid other shortcomings faced by Cooper et al, the authors randomly sampled 500 articles and obtained estimates of probable errors. Excluding case reports, all 40 of the studies with human subjects provided some evidence of prior research planning, which compares favorably with the 22% found by Cooper et al. Use of a standard for truth was similar between the data sets. Observer blinding, random ordering of procedures, and assessment of interobserver variability continued to be uncommon. Most studies provided only minimal statistical information. The work of these authors provides a study design and the baseline needed for future assessments of MR imaging evaluations.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)265-270
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StatePublished - Jul 1991


  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Radiology and radiologists, research
  • Statistical analysis

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