Special Correspondence: A Debate on Coronary Bypass

Gerald M. Lawrie, George C. Morris, Jimmy F. Howell, Don W. Chapman, John J. Collins, Lawrence H. Cohn, J. Kenneth Koster, Roger B.B. Mee, William D. Towne, David H. Spodick, Calvin L. Weisberger, Lawrence I. Bonchek, Harold L. Brooks, Duncan Neuhauser, Stephen B. Guss, David G. Greene, Peter R. Maggs, George G. Rowe, Spencer B. King, J. Willis HurstR. Bruce Logue, Eugene Braunwald, Marvin L. Murphy, Herbert N. Hultgren, Katherine Detre, James Thomsen, Timothy Takaro

Research output: Contribution to journalLetterpeer-review

27 Scopus citations


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