Sarcolemmal dependence of isosorbide dinitrate-induced relaxation of aortic smooth muscle

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Studies were conducted to determine if ISDN antagonizes the contractile responses to calcium of chemically-skinned aortic smooth muscle preparations. Isosorbide dinitrate relaxed intact aortic smooth muscle segments in a dose-dependent manner (0.01-100 μM). At all concentrations tested, ISDN was unable to relax triton-skinned smooth muscle preparations. However, the tension development of skinned preparations was inhibited by trifluoperazine (10 μM), a calmodulin antagonist. These results suggest that the relaxation of intact aortic smooth muscle preparations induced by ISDN is not related to an interference with calmodulin-dependent contractile events.

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JournalResearch Communications in Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology
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StatePublished - 1986

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