Phase II Trial of Intracarotid BCNU and Cisplatin in Primary Malignant Brain Tumors

Lynn G. Feun, ya Yen Lee, W. k.Alfred Yung, Chuslip Charnsangavej, Niramol Savaraj, Rosa A. Tang, Sidney Wallace

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Intracarotid BCNU (100 mg/m2) and cisplatin (60 mg/m2) were administered to 36 patients with malignant brain tumors recurrent or progressive after cranial irradiation. Courses of therapy were repeated at 4-6 week intervals. Of 23 evaluable patients with recurrent glioma, 9 (39%) had tumor regression by CT scan and 3 had stable disease. The median time to tumor progression for responding patients was 37 weeks. For all patients with primary tumors it was 14 weeks. Six of 9 patients with no prior chemotherapy had a response and 1 had stable disease. Of 14 patients who had received prior chemotherapy, 3 had a response and 2 had stable disease. Survival ranged from 9 weeks to 95+ weeks (median 34 weeks) from start of therapy. Six of 23 patients with primary tumors are alive 1 year or more following therapy. Four of 11 patients with brain metastases had a response and 2 had stable disease. Major neurologic toxicity of intracarotid BCNU and cisplatin appeared cumulative and consisted of reversible hemiparesis in 3% of 118 courses, TIA in 1%, expressive aphasia in 9%, lethargy in 3%, seizures in 12%, and reversible confusion in 1%. Retinal toxicity consisted of mild blurring of vision in 4 patients and ipsilateral blindness in 5 patients. Three of 22 patients who had received supraophthalmic infusion later developed evidence of leukoencephalopathy. Intracarotid BCNU and cisplatin appears to have modest increase in activity over intracarotid cisplatin alone (Cancer 54:794, 1984), however, neurologic and retinal toxicity may also be increased.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)147-156
Number of pages10
JournalCancer Drug Delivery
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1986

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