Patient-specific preprocedural planning for tricuspid valve repair and replacement procedures

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Purpose of reviewDespite the prevalence of tricuspid valve regurgitation disorders, isolated interventions on tricuspid valves were previously infrequent due to high mortality rates and lack of advanced clinical imaging technology. Due to advancements in cardiovascular imaging and interventional technologies tricuspid valve repairs and replacement interventions became increasingly more attainable.Recent findingsNoninvasive clinical imaging of the tricuspid valve can be challenging, providing anincomplete assessment of unique tricuspid anatomy. 3D printing technology represents an additional tool for more comprehensive preprocedural planning of tricuspid interventions and observation of tricuspid valve geometry. Patient-specific 3D printed replicas of tricuspid valve apparatus are especially useful in highly complicated cases, where physiological tricuspid replicas allow benchtop observation of individual patient's anatomy, device implantation in physiological tricuspid valves and interactions of devices with native tricuspid tissue, frequently leading to optimization or change in operational strategy.SummaryComprehensive use of clinical imaging including echocardiography, computed tomography, and cardiac magnetic resonance along with 3D printed modeling is key to successful tricuspid repair and replacements. Patient-specific 3D printed models of tricuspid anatomy can facilitate preprocedural planning, educate patients and clinicians, and improve device design, leading to the overall improvement of patients' outcomes and care.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2021


  • 3D printing
  • tricuspid valve
  • tricuspid valve imaging
  • tricuspid valve interventions

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