Pas1c1 is a candidate for the mouse pulmonary adenoma susceptibility 1 locus

Min Wang, Manabu Futamura, Yian Wang, Ming You

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Pas1 candidate 1 (Pas1c1) gene (also named Lmna-rs1) was found to encode two alternatively spliced mRNA transcripts (i.e. Pas1c1-Va and Pas1c1-Vb). In this study, we identified three additional mRNA transcripts encoded by the Pas1c1 gene, which were designated as Pas1c1-Vc, Pas1c1-Vd, and Pas1c1-Ve, respectively. Similar to Pas1c1-Vb, the newly identified transcripts were only expressed in mouse lung tissues from strains carrying the Pas1-susceptible (Pas1/s) allele. Pas1c1 transcripts were also detected in heart, testis, or brain but not in liver, spleen, or kidney. An 11-nucleotide polymorphism was found within the 3′-acceptor splice site of exon 8, which cosegregates with mouse strain Pas1 alleles and may underlie the strain-specific exon 8 skipping. We also found that ectopic expression of the Pas1c1-Va and Pas1c1-Vb in COS7 and NIH3T3 cells exhibited distinct intracellular distributions. These results support that Pas1c1 as a candidate for the Pas1 locus and the strain-specific isoforms may have differential effects on cell proliferation.

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StatePublished - Mar 10 2005


  • Alternative splicing
  • Lung tumor
  • Mouse
  • Pas1 locus
  • Susceptibility

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