Overexpression of methyl-CpG binding protein 2 impairs TH1 responses

Tianshu Yang, Melissa B. Ramocki, Jeffrey L. Neul, Wen Lu, Luz Roberts, John Knight, Christopher S. Ward, Huda Y. Zoghbi, Farrah Kheradmand, David Corry

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The DNA binding protein methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2) critically influences neuronal and brain function by modulating gene expression, and children with overexpression of the MECP2 gene exhibit postnatal neurological syndromes. We demonstrate that some children with MECP2 duplication also display variable immunological abnormalities that include reductions in memory T and B cells and natural killer cells and immunoglobulin assay responses. Moreover, whereas mice with MeCP2 overexpression were unable to control infection with the intra-macrophage parasite Leishmania major and secrete interferon-γ (IFN-γ) from involved lymph nodes, they were able to control airway fungal infection by Aspergillus niger and mount protective T helper cell type 2 (TH2)-dependent allergic responses. Relative to normal T cells, TH cells from children and mice with MECP2 duplication displayed similar impairments in IFN-γ secretion and TH1 responses that were due to both MeCP2-dependent suppression of IFN-γtranscription and sequestration of the IFN-γ locus as assessed by chromatin immunoprecipitation assay. Thus, overexpressed MeCP2 aberrantly suppresses IFN-γ secretion from TH cells, potentially leading to a partially immunodeficient state. Our findings establish a rational basis for identifying, treating, and preventing infectious complications potentially affecting children with MECP2 duplication.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number163ra158
JournalScience translational medicine
Issue number163
StatePublished - Dec 5 2012

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