Nonphysician practice of dermatologic surgery: The Texas perspective

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BACKGROUND. Increases in complications resulting from the nonphysician practice of dermatologic procedures have been reported nationally. This investigation was initiated owing to growing concern regarding the nonphysician practice of medicine in Texas. OBJECTIVE. The objective was to survey dermatologists in Texas to determine the number of patients seeking corrective treatment owing to complications from dermatologic procedures performed by nonphysicians. METHODS. A total of 488 dermatologists in Texas were surveyed and seven patients who experienced complications were interviewed by phone. RESULTS. Nearly 53% of responding physicians noted increased complications resulting from nonphysician practice of medicine. Approximately 33% of responding physicians reported that complications were known to have occurred in the absence of an on-site supervising physician. CONCLUSION. The increase in the number of complications owing to nonphysician practice of medicine in Texas mirrors the increases that have been reported nationally. The serious complications reported underscore the need for improved awareness and regulatory changes by state boards of medicine.

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StatePublished - Jun 2004

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