Kidney transplantation from cardiac death donors with terminal acute renal failure

X. P. Yuan, M. Han, X. P. Wang, J. Zhou, X. Y. Jiao, C. X. Wang, X. S. He

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Objectives Kidney transplantation from donation after cardiac death (DCD) donors with terminal acute renal failure (ARF) is not widely accepted due to concern about the organ quality. Here we report our initial clinical outcomes of kidney transplantation from DCD donors with ARF. Materials and Methods The results of 29 kidney transplants from ARF DCD donors were compared with those of 60 kidney transplants from non-ARF DCD donors performed at our center from August 2011 to March 2013. Results There was no difference in the incidence of delayed graft function and acute rejection between ARF and non-ARF kidneys (27.6% vs 16.7%, 10.3% vs 8.3%, respectively). Estimated glomerular filtration rate at 12 months was similar between ARF and non-ARF kidneys. With a mean follow-up of 18 months (range 7 to 26 months), actual patient and graft survival rates for ARF DCD recipients were 100% and 96.6%, respectively, which were similar to those of the control group of kidney transplants from non-ARF kidneys (98.3% and 95.0%). Conclusions Kidneys from DCD donors with terminal ARF have excellent short-term outcomes and may represent another potential method to safely expand the donor pool.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1057-1060
Number of pages4
JournalTransplantation Proceedings
Issue number4
StatePublished - May 2014

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