IPX066, a mixed immediate/sustained-release levodopa preparation for Parkinson's disease

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Introduction: l-DOPA has long been the 'gold standard' treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD), but suffers from poor oral bioavailability and rapid pharmacokinetic elimination. A longer acting preparation has long been sought.

Areas covered: We conducted PubMed search for IPX066 and reviewed abstracts from meetings that included the topic of PD. IPX066 is a novel mixed immediate release (IR) and sustained-release levodopa preparation designed to prolong the clinical effect of a single dose. Pharmacokinetic studies demonstrate similar time to peak dose as regular IR l-DOPA, but a longer duration of time with > 50% of peak dose. This contrasts with available controlled release preparations that have a delay to onset. Clinic trials in fluctuating PD patients show that IPX066 provided more 'on' time despite fewer daily doses, compared to IR l-DOPA. As expected, it was also superior to placebo in early PD. However, it is not known whether it can achieve l-DOPA levels that are continuous enough to delay the onset of fluctuations when given early in the disease.

Expert opinion: Although not a radical advance in l-DOPA therapy, the drug will clearly have a role in more advanced patients taking multiple l-DOPA doses and may have a role as first-line therapy when starting l-DOPA.

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