Increased expression of intestinal P-selectin and pulmonary E-selectin during intravenous parenteral nutrition

Kazuhiko Fukatsu, A. H. Lundberg, M. K. Hanna, Y. Wu, H. G. Wilcox, D. N. Granger, A. O. Gaber, K. A. Kudsk

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Introduction: Neutrophils (PMNs) firmly adhere to endothelium via ICAM-1. IV-TPN increases intestinal ICAM-1 and PMN accumulation, and decreases intestinal IL-4 and IL-10, cytokines which down-regulate ICAM-1 expression. P- and E-selectin mediate PMN recruitment via rolling prior to firm adhesion. This work examines P- and E-Selectin expression in uninjured mice manipulated by nutrition. Methods: 53 mice were randomized to chow, IV-TPN or intragastric (IG)-TPN. After 5 days of diet, mice were administered 125-I labeled anti-P-selectin Ab (or 125-I anti-E-selectin Ab) and 131-I labeled non-binding Ab to quantify P-selectin (or E-selectin) expression in various organs. Results: E-selectin expression was undectable in intestine, but increased significantly in lung after 5 days of IV-TPN. IV-TPN increased P-selectin only in intestine. Conclusion: In a time frame (5 days) when ICAM-1 and neutrophil recruitment is increased, gut expression of P-selectin remains up regulated. Possible early lung inflammatory changes, reflected by increases in E-selectin, may indicate early pulmonary dysfunction with IV-TPN, and requires further study. P-selectin Chow(n=10) IV-TPN(n=11) IG-TPN(n=8) Lung 10.51±0.62 12.48±1.60 11.32±1.20 Liver 78.89±6.98 72.50±5.98 72.44±5.09 Kidney 36.95±6.97 24.01±8.95 32.46±5.08 Intestine 3.04±0.55 5.13±0.80*2.95±0.53 E-selectin Chow(n=6) IV-TPN (n=10) IG-TPN (n=8) Lung 27.61±5.51 83.34±16.70*37. 10±5.84 Liver 354.4±42.3 334.5±26.5 295.3±21.9 Kidney 59.35±28.29 82.79±21.70 73.77±27.67 (mean±SE ng/g tissue)*p<0.05 vs chow and IG-TPN.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A25
JournalCritical Care Medicine
Issue number12 SUPPL.
StatePublished - 1999

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