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Background: The authors wish to alert optometrists that an increased awareness of peripheral visual field is possible in selected patients with complete homonymous hemianopsia through the use of ground-in sectorial prisms. Method: A case series of nine patients prospectively completed activities of daily living (ADL) questionnaires before and after the use of sectorial prism spectacles for the treatment of complete homonymous hemianopsias. Results: Of the nine enrolled patients, seven reported subjective quantitative improvement in ADL scores on questionnaire responses and two patients did not report improvement. Conclusion: Patients with homonymous hemianopic visual-field loss may improve their functional vision and activities of daily living through the use of hemianopic prism spectacles. These sectorial prisms - along with proper training - may enhance peripheral awareness through more efficient visual scanning skills.

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StatePublished - 1999


  • Sectorial prisms
  • Visual field

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