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To the Editor: In the issue of June 14, 1979, Aronoff, Daughaday, and Laws proposed that cerebrospinal-fluid rhinorrhea in a patient receiving bromocriptine therapy after incomplete resection of a prolactinoma was due to a fistula that had been occluded by a tumor until bromocriptine caused a retraction of tumor tissue.* We have encountered two cases that appear to support their conjecture. A 35-year-old woman with a serum prolactin level of 76.6 ng per milliliter (normal, 3 to 20 ng per milliliter) underwent transsphenoidal removal of a 6-mm prolaclinoma. Her prolactin level decreased to 40.0 ng per milliliter. Three months.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalNew England Journal of Medicine
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StatePublished - Jan 21 1982

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