Can collagen impregnated polyester arterial prostheses be recommended as small diameter blood conduits?

Robert Guidoin, Yves Marois, Xiaoyan Deng, Nabil Chakfé, Michel Marois, Raynald Roy, Martin W. King, Yvan Douville

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A collagen impregnated graft and its parent preclotted prosthesis were implanted as thoraco-abdominal bypasses in dogs for periods ranging from 4 hr to 6 months and evaluated for their ease of handling, imperviousness, and healing behavior in terms of luminal surface thrombogenicity using labeled platelets and fibrinogen, prostacyclin (PGI2) secretion, histomorphometric determination of internal capsule thickness, and histopathologic and scanning electron microscopic studies. The collagen impregnated graft was impervious to blood and both grafts showed excellent handling characteristics. Fibrin uptake was negligible on both grafts; however, platelet uptake was higher on the collagen impregnated graft than on the control graft at 4 and 24 hr. The healing behavior of the collagen impregnated graft was also found to be different than that of the control graft between 1 and 6 months post implantation. The development of a host collagenous internal capsule at the anastomoses, and a confluent endothelial lining, was observed in both grafts at 1 month; in later implantation periods, the healing of the medial region was found to be more irregular in the collagen impregnated grafts, showing a lower mean PGI2 secretion than the preclotted control grafts. Histomorphometric analysis showed the internal capsule on the collagen impregnated grafts to be thicker than on the control grafts for most periods of implantation. The current study illustrates that the healing process of collagen impregnated grafts is delayed and that bovine collagen has a stimulating effect on tissue encapsulation. Current impregnated polyester arterial prostheses therefore cannot he recommended as small diameter blood conduits.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)947-983
Number of pages37
JournalASAIO Journal
Issue number6
StatePublished - 1996

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