Biomarkers for bipolar disorder: current status and challenges ahead

Antonio L. Teixeira, Gabriela D. Colpo, Gabriel R. Fries, Isabelle E. Bauer, Sudhakar Selvaraj

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Introduction: Bipolar disorder (BD) is a chronic psychiatric disorder marked by clinical and pathophysiological heterogeneity. There is a high expectation that personalized approaches can improve the management of patients with BD. For that, identification and validation of potential biomarkers are fundamental. Areas covered: This manuscript will critically review the current status of different biomarkers for BD, including peripheral, genetic, neuroimaging, and neurophysiological candidates, discussing the challenges to move the field forward. Expert commentary: There are no lab or complementary tests currently recommended for the diagnosis or management of patients with BD. Panels composed by multiple biomarkers will probably contribute to stratifying patients according to their clinical stage, therapeutic response, and prognosis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)67-81
Number of pages15
JournalExpert Review of Neurotherapeutics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2 2019
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  • Bipolar disorder
  • biomarkers
  • genetics
  • inflammation markers
  • neuroimaging
  • neurophysiological markers
  • oxidative stress markers
  • personalized psychiatry

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  • Neuroscience(all)
  • Clinical Neurology
  • Pharmacology (medical)


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