Adoptive immunotherapy with antigen-specific T cells expressing a native TCR

Wingchi Leung, Helen E. Heslop

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Although T cells genetically modified with chimeric anti-activity against tumor antigens and epitope spreading. To gen receptors became the first immune effector product to overcome some of the obstacles mentioned above, current obtain FDA approval, T-cell products that recognize their research is focused on defining ex vivo culture conditions antigenic targets through their native receptors have also that promote in vivo persistence and activity of infused produced encouraging responses. For instance, T cells rec-antigen-specific T cells. Combinations with immune check-ognizing immunogenic viral antigens are effective when point inhibitors or epigenetic modifiers to improve T-cell infused in immunosuppressed patients. A large number of activity are also being evaluated in the clinic. Antigen-tumor antigens are also expressed on nonviral tumors, but specific T cells may also be manufactured to overcome these antigens are less immunogenic. Many tumors can tumor evasion mechanisms by targeting multiple antigens evade a transferred immune response by producing variants, and engineered to be resistant to inhibitory factors, such as which have lost the targeted antigens, or inhibitory mole-TGFb, or to produce the cytokines that are essential for T-cell cules that recruit suppressive cells, impeding persistence and expansion and sustained antitumor activity. Here, we dis-function of immune effectors. Nevertheless, infusion of cuss the use of T cells specific to tumor antigens through antigen-specific T cells has been well-tolerated, and clinical their native receptors and strategies under investigation to responses have been consistently associated with immune improve antitumor responses.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalCancer immunology research
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2019

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