Liver X receptors α and β are members of the nuclear receptor family, which comprise a flexible N-terminal domain, a DNA binding domain, a hinge linker, and a ligand binding domain. Liver X receptors are important regulators of cholesterol and lipid homeostasis by controlling the transcription of numerous genes. Key to their transcriptional role is synergetic interaction among the domains. DNA binding domain binds on DNA; ligand binding domain is a crucial switch to control the transcription activity through conformational change caused by ligand binding. The Liver X receptors form heterodimers with retinoid X receptor and then the liganded heterodimer may recruit other necessary transcription components to form an active transcription complex.

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Title of host publicationVitamins and Hormones
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  • AF1 domain
  • DNA binding domain
  • Interdomain interaction
  • Ligand binding domain
  • Liver X receptor
  • Multi-domain structure
  • Nuclear receptor

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