A comparative study of eyelid cleaning regimens in chronic blepharitis

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Purpose: Blepharitis, an intrinsic eyelid inflammation with crusting and irritation, presents a great problem for patients wearing contact lenses. An important part of blepharitis therapy is eyelid hygiene, including the use of either soap, dilute baby shampoo, or commercial lid scrubs. In this study, a comparison was made between these three cleaning regimens in a group of 25 patients, 80% of whom (20/25) wore contact lenses. Methods: Patients used commercial eyelid scrub on right eyelids and e hypo-allergenic bar soap on left eyelids. Patient symptoms, slit lamp findings, and overall preferences were determined at the end of 4 months. A subgroup of 10 patients using lid scrub on right eyelids end dilute baby shampoo on left eyelids was followed for an additional 3 months. Results: At the end of 4 months, 24% (6/25) of the patients noted no difference between soap and lid scrub, but 89% (17/19) of the others preferred the lid scrub. In the group using baby shampoo, 50% (5/10) noted no difference in 3 months, but 80% (4/5) of the remaining patients preferred the lid scrub. Conclusions: All patients improved in slit lamp findings with all three regimens, and patient preference was overwhelmingly in favor of the lid scrub regimen for convenience and ease of use.

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