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  • Safety Outcomes of Brolucizumab in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Results from the IRIS Registry and Komodo Healthcare Map

    Khanani, A. M., Zarbin, M. A., Barakat, M. R., Albini, T. A., Kaiser, P. K., Guruprasad, B., Agashivala, N., Yu, J. S., Wykoff, C. C. & Maccumber, M. W., Jan 2022, In: JAMA Ophthalmology. 140, 1, p. 20-28 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    15 Scopus citations
  • One-pot synthesis of pH-responsive hybrid nanogel particles for the intracellular delivery of small interfering RNA

    Khaled, S. Z., Cevenini, A., Yazdi, I. K., Parodi, A., Evangelopoulos, M., Corbo, C., Scaria, S., Hu, Y., Haddix, S. G., Corradetti, B., Salvatore, F. & Tasciotti, E., May 1 2016, In: Biomaterials. 87, p. 57-68 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    49 Scopus citations
  • Novel inhibitors of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase: In silico, synthesis and in vitro studies

    Onder, F. C., Durdagi, S., Kahraman, N., Uslu, T. N., Kandemir, H., Atici, E. B., Ozpolat, B. & Ay, M., Nov 2021, In: Bioorganic Chemistry. 116, 105296.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    2 Scopus citations
  • Sensing and Sensibility: Single-Islet-based Quality Control Assay of Cryopreserved Pancreatic Islets with Functionalized Hydrogel Microcapsules

    Chen, W., Shu, Z., Gao, D. & Shen, A. Q., Jan 1 2016, In: Advanced Healthcare Materials. 5, 2, p. 223-231 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    17 Scopus citations
  • Ultra-flexible nanocarriers for enhanced topical delivery of a highly lipophilic antioxidative molecule for skin cancer chemoprevention

    Boakye, C. H. A., Patel, K., Doddapaneni, R., Bagde, A., Chowdhury, N., Safe, S. & Singh, M., Jul 1 2016, In: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. 143, p. 156-167 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    22 Scopus citations
  • Hydrogel microsphere encapsulation of a cell-based gene therapy system increases cell survival of injected cells, transgene expression, and bone volume in a model of heterotopic ossification

    Olabisi, R. M., Lazard, Z. W., Franco, C. L., Hall, M. A., Kwon, S. K., Sevick-Muraca, E. M., Hipp, J. A., Davis, A. R., Olmsted-Davis, E. A. & West, J. L., Dec 1 2010, In: Tissue Engineering - Part A. 16, 12, p. 3727-3736 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    55 Scopus citations
  • Association of hospital performance based on 30-day risk-standardized mortality rate with long-term survival after heart failure hospitalization. An analysis of the get with the guidelines-heart failure registry

    Pandey, A., Patel, K. V., Liang, L., DeVore, A. D., Matsouaka, R., Bhatt, D. L., Yancy, C. W., Hernandez, A. F., Heidenreich, P. A., De Lemos, J. A. & Fonarow, G. C., Jun 2018, In: JAMA Cardiology. 3, 6, p. 489-497 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    25 Scopus citations
  • Prospective study on embolization of intracranial aneurysms with the pipeline device: The PREMIER study 1 year results

    Hanel, R. A., Kallmes, D. F., Lopes, D. K., Nelson, P. K., Siddiqui, A., Jabbour, P., Pereira, V. M., Szikora István, I., Zaidat, O. O., Bettegowda, C., Colby, G. P., Mokin, M., Schirmer, C., Hellinger, F. R., Given, C., Krings, T., Taussky, P., Toth, G., Fraser, J. F., Chen, M. & 9 others, Priest, R., Kan, P., Fiorella, D., Frei, D., Aagaard-Kienitz, B., Diaz, O. M., Malek, A. M., Cawley, C. M. & Puri, A. S., Jan 1 2020, In: Journal of neurointerventional surgery. 12, 1, p. 62-66 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    86 Scopus citations
  • Efficient delivery of antitumor drug to the nuclei of tumor cells by amphiphilic biodegradable poly(L -Aspartic Acid-co-Lactic Acid)/DPPE co-polymer nanoparticles

    Han, S., Liu, Y., Nie, X., Xu, Q., Jiao, F., Li, W., Zhao, Y., Wu, Y. & Chen, C., May 21 2012, In: Small. 8, 10, p. 1596-1606 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    89 Scopus citations
  • Largest GWAS of PTSD (N=20 070) yields genetic overlap with schizophrenia and sex differences in heritability

    Duncan, L. E., Ratanatharathorn, A., Aiello, A. E., Almli, L. M., Amstadter, A. B., Ashley-Koch, A. E., Baker, D. G., Beckham, J. C., Bierut, L. J., Bisson, J., Bradley, B., Chen, C. Y., Dalvie, S., Farrer, L. A., Galea, S., Garrett, M. E., Gelernter, J. E., Guffanti, G., Hauser, M. A., Johnson, E. O. & 29 others, Kessler, R. C., Kimbrel, N. A., King, A., Koen, N., Kranzler, H. R., Logue, M. W., Maihofer, A. X., Martin, A. R., Miller, M. W., Morey, R. A., Nugent, N. R., Rice, J. P., Ripke, S., Roberts, A. L., Saccone, N. L., Smoller, J. W., Stein, D. J., Stein, M. B., Sumner, J. A., Uddin, M., Ursano, R. J., Wildman, D. E., Yehuda, R., Zhao, H., Daly, M. J., Liberzon, I., Ressler, K. J., Nievergelt, C. M. & Koenen, K. C., Mar 1 2018, In: Molecular Psychiatry. 23, 3, p. 666-673 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    225 Scopus citations
  • From Vulnerable Plaque to Vulnerable Patient: A Call for New Definitions and Risk Assessment Strategies: Part II

    Naghavi, M., Libby, P., Falk, E., Casscells, S. W., Litovsky, S., Rumberger, J., Badimon, J. J., Stefanadis, C., Moreno, P., Pasterkamp, G., Fayad, Z., Stone, P. H., Waxman, S., Raggi, P., Madjid, M., Zarrabi, A., Burke, A., Yuan, C., Fitzgerald, P. J., Siscovick, D. S. & 38 others, De Korte, C. L., Aikawa, M., Airaksinen, K. E. J., Assmann, G., Becker, C. R., Chesebro, J. H., Farb, A., Galis, Z. S., Jackson, C., Jang, I. K., Koenig, W., Lodder, R. A., March, K., Demirovic, J., Navab, M., Priori, S. G., Rekhter, M. D., Bahr, R., Grundy, S. M., Mehran, R., Colombo, A., Boerwinkle, E., Ballantyne, C., Insull, W., Schwartz, R. S., Vogel, R., Serruys, P. W., Hansson, G. K., Faxon, D. P., Kaul, S., Drexler, H., Greenland, P., Muller, J. E., Virmani, R., Ridker, P. M., Zipes, D. P., Shah, P. K. & Willerson, J. T., Oct 14 2003, In: Circulation. 108, 15, p. 1772-1778 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

    1302 Scopus citations
  • Increased abundance of the adaptor protein containing pleckstrin homology domain, phosphotyrosine binding domain and leucine zipper motif (APPL1) in patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes: Evidence for altered adiponectin signalling

    Holmes, R. M., Yi, Z., De Filippis, E., Berria, R., Shahani, S., Sathyanarayana, P., Sherman, V., Fujiwara, K., Meyer, C., Christ-Roberts, C., Hwang, H., Finlayson, J., Dong, L. Q., Mandarino, L. J. & Bajaj, M., Aug 2011, In: Diabetologia. 54, 8, p. 2122-2131 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    34 Scopus citations
  • Alternating block copolymer-based nanoparticles as tools to modulate the loading of multiple chemotherapeutics and imaging probes

    Mattu, C., Brachi, G., Menichetti, L., Flori, A., Armanetti, P., Ranzato, E., Martinotti, S., Nizzero, S., Ferrari, M. & Ciardelli, G., Oct 15 2018, In: Acta Biomaterialia. 80, p. 341-351 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    13 Scopus citations
  • From vulnerable plaque to vulnerable patient: A call for new definitions and risk assessment strategies: Part I

    Naghavi, M., Libby, P., Falk, E., Casscells, S. W., Litovsky, S., Rumberger, J., Badimon, J. J., Stefanadis, C., Moreno, P., Pasterkamp, G., Fayad, Z., Stone, P. H., Waxman, S., Raggi, P., Madjid, M., Zarrabi, A., Burke, A., Yuan, C., Fitzgerald, P. J., Siscovick, D. S. & 38 others, De Korte, C. L., Aikawa, M., Airaksinen, K. E. J., Assmann, G., Becker, C. R., Chesebro, J. H., Farb, A., Galis, Z. S., Jackson, C., Jang, I. K., Koenig, W., Lodder, R. A., March, K., Demirovic, J., Navab, M., Priori, S. G., Rekhter, M. D., Bahr, R., Grundy, S. M., Mehran, R., Colombo, A., Boerwinkle, E., Ballantyne, C., Insull, W., Schwartz, R. S., Vogel, R., Serruys, P. W., Hansson, G. K., Faxon, D. P., Kaul, S., Drexler, H., Greenland, P., Muller, J. E., Virmani, R., Ridker, P. M., Zipes, D. P., Shah, P. K. & Willerson, J. T., Oct 7 2003, In: Circulation. 108, 14, p. 1664-1672 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

    1820 Scopus citations
  • Editorial overview: Risk assessment in toxicology

    Boobis, A., Safe, S. H. & Farland, W., Jun 2018, In: Current Opinion in Toxicology. 9, p. iii-v

    Research output: Contribution to journalEditorialpeer-review

  • Effect of ramipril vs amlodipine on renal outcomes in hypertensive nephrosclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Agodoa, L. Y., Appel, L., Bakris, G. L., Beck, G., Bourgoignie, J., Briggs, J. P., Charleston, J., Cheek, D. A., Cleveland, W., Douglas, J. G., Douglas, M., Dowie, D., Faulkner, M., Gabriel, A., Gassman, J., Greene, T., Hall, Y., Hebert, L., Hiremath, L., Jamerson, K. & 25 others, Johnson, C. J., Kopple, J., Kusek, J., Lash, J., Lea, J., Lewis, J. B., Lipkowitz, M., Massry, S., Middleton, J., Miller, E. R., Norris, K., O'Connor, D., Ojo, A., Phillips, R. A., Pogue, V., Rahman, M., Randall, O. S., Rostand, S., Schulman, G., Smith, W., Thornley-Brown, D., Tisher, C. C., Toto, R. D., Wright, J. T. & Xu, S., Jun 6 2001, In: Journal of the American Medical Association. 285, 21, p. 2719-2728 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    852 Scopus citations
  • Intranasal immunization of the combined Lipooligosaccharide conjugates protects mice from the challenges with three serotypes of Moraxella catarrhalis

    Ren, D., Xie, H., Zhang, W., Hassan, F., Petralia, R. S., Yu, S., Lim, D. J. & Gu, X. X., Dec 22 2011, In: PLoS ONE. 6, 12, e29553.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    10 Scopus citations
  • Marital status: A gender-independent risk factor for poorer survival after radical cystectomy

    Sammon, J. D., Morgan, M., Djahangirian, O., Trinh, Q. D., Sun, M., Ghani, K. R., Jeong, W., Jhaveri, J., Ehlert, M., Schmitges, J., Bianchi, M., Shariat, S. F., Perrotte, P., Rogers, C. G., Peabody, J. O., Menon, M. & Karakiewicz, P. I., Nov 2012, In: BJU International. 110, 9, p. 1301-1309 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    38 Scopus citations
  • Effect of amitriptyline and escitalopram on functional dyspepsia: A multicenter, randomized controlled study

    Talley, N. J., Richard Locke, G., Saito, Y. A., Almazar, A. E., Bouras, E. P., Howden, C. W., Lacy, B. E., Dibaise, J. K., Prather, C. M., Abraham, B. P., El-Serag, H. B., Moayyedi, P., Herrick, L. M., Szarka, L. A., Camilleri, M., Hamilton, F. A., Schleck, C. D., Tilkes, K. E. & Zinsmeister, A. R., Aug 1 2015, In: Gastroenterology. 149, 2, p. 340-349.e2

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    197 Scopus citations
  • Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging vs Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography for Diagnosis of Invasive Vessel-Specific Coronary Physiology: Predictive Modeling Results from the Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Atherosclerotic Determinants of Myocardial Ischemia (CREDENCE) Trial

    Stuijfzand, W. J., Van Rosendael, A. R., Lin, F. Y., Chang, H. J., Van Den Hoogen, I. J., Gianni, U., Choi, J. H., Doh, J. H., Her, A. Y., Koo, B. K., Nam, C. W., Park, H. B., Shin, S. H., Cole, J., Gimelli, A., Khan, M. A., Lu, B., Gao, Y., Nabi, F., Nakazato, R. & 20 others, Schoepf, U. J., Driessen, R. S., Bom, M. J., Thompson, R., Jang, J. J., Ridner, M., Rowan, C., Avelar, E., Genereux, P., Knaapen, P., De Waard, G. A., Pontone, G., Andreini, D., Al-Mallah, M. H., Lu, Y., Berman, D. S., Narula, J., Min, J. K., Bax, J. J. & Shaw, L. J., Dec 2020, In: JAMA Cardiology. 5, 12, p. 1338-1348 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    30 Scopus citations
  • Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies

    Cossarizza, A., Chang, H. D., Radbruch, A., Akdis, M., Andrä, I., Annunziato, F., Bacher, P., Barnaba, V., Battistini, L., Bauer, W. M., Baumgart, S., Becher, B., Beisker, W., Berek, C., Blanco, A., Borsellino, G., Boulais, P. E., Brinkman, R. R., Büscher, M., Busch, D. H. & 216 others, Bushnell, T. P., Cao, X., Cavani, A., Chattopadhyay, P. K., Cheng, Q., Chow, S., Clerici, M., Cooke, A., Cosma, A., Cosmi, L., Cumano, A., Dang, V. D., Davies, D., De Biasi, S., Del Zotto, G., Della Bella, S., Dellabona, P., Deniz, G., Dessing, M., Diefenbach, A., Di Santo, J., Dieli, F., Dolf, A., Donnenberg, V. S., Dörner, T., Ehrhardt, G. R. A., Endl, E., Engel, P., Engelhardt, B., Esser, C., Everts, B., Dreher, A., Falk, C. S., Fehniger, T. A., Filby, A., Fillatreau, S., Follo, M., Förster, I., Foster, J., Foulds, G. A., Frenette, P. S., Galbraith, D., Garbi, N., García-Godoy, M. D., Geginat, J., Ghoreschi, K., Gibellini, L., Goettlinger, C., Goodyear, C. S., Gori, A., Grogan, J., Gross, M., Grützkau, A., Grummitt, D., Hahn, J., Hammer, Q., Hauser, A. E., Haviland, D. L., Hedley, D., Herrera, G., Herrmann, M., Hiepe, F., Holland, T., Hombrink, P., Houston, J. P., Hoyer, B. F., Huang, B., Hunter, C. A., Iannone, A., Jäck, H. M., Jávega, B., Jonjic, S., Juelke, K., Jung, S., Kaiser, T., Kalina, T., Keller, B., Khan, S., Kienhöfer, D., Kroneis, T., Kunkel, D., Kurts, C., Kvistborg, P., Lannigan, J., Lantz, O., Larbi, A., LeibundGut-Landmann, S., Leipold, M. D., Levings, M. K., Litwin, V., Liu, Y., Lohoff, M., Lombardi, G., Lopez, L., Lovett-Racke, A., Lubberts, E., Ludewig, B., Lugli, E., Maecker, H. T., Martrus, G., Matarese, G., Maueröder, C., McGrath, M., McInnes, I., Mei, H. E., Melchers, F., Melzer, S., Mielenz, D., Mills, K., Mirrer, D., Mjösberg, J., Moore, J., Moran, B., Moretta, A., Moretta, L., Mosmann, T. R., Müller, S., Müller, W., Münz, C., Multhoff, G., Munoz, L. E., Murphy, K. M., Nakayama, T., Nasi, M., Neudörfl, C., Nolan, J., Nourshargh, S., O'Connor, J. E., Ouyang, W., Oxenius, A., Palankar, R., Panse, I., Peterson, P., Peth, C., Petriz, J., Philips, D., Pickl, W., Piconese, S., Pinti, M., Pockley, A. G., Podolska, M. J., Pucillo, C., Quataert, S. A., Radstake, T. R. D. J., Rajwa, B., Rebhahn, J. A., Recktenwald, D., Remmerswaal, E. B. M., Rezvani, K., Rico, L. G., Robinson, J. P., Romagnani, C., Rubartelli, A., Ruckert, B., Ruland, J., Sakaguchi, S., Sala-de-Oyanguren, F., Samstag, Y., Sanderson, S., Sawitzki, B., Scheffold, A., Schiemann, M., Schildberg, F., Schimisky, E., Schmid, S. A., Schmitt, S., Schober, K., Schüler, T., Schulz, A. R., Schumacher, T., Scotta, C., Shankey, T. V., Shemer, A., Simon, A. K., Spidlen, J., Stall, A. M., Stark, R., Stehle, C., Stein, M., Steinmetz, T., Stockinger, H., Takahama, Y., Tarnok, A., Tian, Z. G., Toldi, G., Tornack, J., Traggiai, E., Trotter, J., Ulrich, H., van der Braber, M., van Lier, R. A. W., Veldhoen, M., Vento-Asturias, S., Vieira, P., Voehringer, D., Volk, H. D., von Volkmann, K., Waisman, A., Walker, R., Ward, M. D., Warnatz, K., Warth, S., Watson, J. V., Watzl, C., Wegener, L., Wiedemann, A., Wienands, J., Willimsky, G., Wing, J., Wurst, P., Yu, L., Yue, A., Zhang, Q., Zhao, Y., Ziegler, S. & Zimmermann, J., Oct 2017, In: European Journal of Immunology. 47, 10, p. 1584-1797 214 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    349 Scopus citations
  • Global Retinoblastoma Presentation and Analysis by National Income Level

    Fabian, I. D., Abdallah, E., Abdullahi, S. U., Abdulqader, R. A., Adamou Boubacar, S., Ademola-Popoola, D. S., Adio, A., Afshar, A. R., Aggarwal, P., Aghaji, A. E., Ahmad, A., Akib, M. N. R., Al Harby, L., Al Ani, M. H., Alakbarova, A., Portabella, S. A., Al-Badri, S. A. F., Alcasabas, A. P. A., Al-Dahmash, S. A., Alejos, A. & 452 others, Alemany-Rubio, E., Alfa Bio, A. I., Alfonso Carreras, Y., Al-Haddad, C., Al-Hussaini, H. H. Y., Ali, A. M., Alia, D. B., Al-Jadiry, M. F., Al-Jumaly, U., Alkatan, H. M., All-Eriksson, C., Al-Mafrachi, A. A. R. M., Almeida, A. A., Alsawidi, K. M., Al-Shaheen, A. A. S. M., Al-Shammary, E. H., Amiruddin, P. O., Antonino, R., Astbury, N. J., Atalay, H. T., Atchaneeyasakul, L. O., Atsiaya, R., Attaseth, T., Aung, T. H., Ayala, S., Baizakova, B., Balaguer, J., Balayeva, R., Balwierz, W., Barranco, H., Bascaran, C., Beck Popovic, M., Benavides, R., Benmiloud, S., Bennani Guebessi, N., Berete, R. C., Berry, J. L., Bhaduri, A., Bhat, S., Biddulph, S. J., Biewald, E. M., Bobrova, N., Boehme, M., Boldt, H. C., Bonanomi, M. T. B. C., Bornfeld, N., Bouda, G. C., Bouguila, H., Boumedane, A., Brennan, R. C., Brichard, B. G., Buaboonnam, J., Calderón-Sotelo, P., Calle Jara, D. A., Camuglia, J. E., Cano, M. R., Capra, M., Cassoux, N., Castela, G., Castillo, L., Català-Mora, J., Chantada, G. L., Chaudhry, S., Chaugule, S. S., Chauhan, A., Chawla, B., Chernodrinska, V. S., Chiwanga, F. S., Chuluunbat, T., Cieslik, K., Cockcroft, R. L., Comsa, C., Correa, Z. M., Correa Llano, M. G., Corson, T. W., Cowan-Lyn, K. E., Csóka, M., Cui, X., Da Gama, I. V., Dangboon, W., Das, A., Das, S., Davanzo, J. M., Davidson, A., De Potter, P., Delgado, K. Q., Demirci, H., Desjardins, L., Diaz Coronado, R. Y., Dimaras, H., Dodgshun, A. J., Donaldson, C., Donato Macedo, C. R., Dragomir, M. D., Du, Y., Du Bruyn, M., Edison, K. S., Eka Sutyawan, I. W., El Kettani, A., Elbahi, A. M., Elder, J. E., Elgalaly, D., Elhaddad, A. M., Elhassan, M. M. A., Elzembely, M. M., Essuman, V. A., Evina, T. G. A., Fadoo, Z., Fandiño, A. C., Faranoush, M., Fasina, O., Fernández, D. D. P. G., Fernández-Teijeiro, A., Foster, A., Frenkel, S., Fu, L. D., Fuentes-Alabi, S. L., Gallie, B. L., Gandiwa, M., Garcia, J. L., García Aldana, D., Gassant, P. Y., Geel, J. A., Ghassemi, F., Girón, A. V., Gizachew, Z., Goenz, M. A., Gold, A. S., Goldberg-Lavid, M., Gole, G. A., Gomel, N., Gonzalez, E., Gonzalez Perez, G., González-Rodríguez, L., Garcia Pacheco, H. N., Graells, J., Green, L., Gregersen, P. A., Grigorovski, N. D. A. K., Guedenon, K. M., Gunasekera, D. S., Gündüz, A. K., Gupta, H., Gupta, S., Hadjistilianou, T., Hamel, P., Hamid, S. A., Hamzah, N., Hansen, E. D., Harbour, J. W., Hartnett, M. E., Hasanreisoglu, M., Hassan, S., Hassan, S., Hederova, S., Hernandez, J., Hernandez, L. M. C., Hessissen, L., Hordofa, D. F., Huang, L. C., Hubbard, G. B., Hummlen, M., Husakova, K., Hussein Al-Janabi, A. N., Ida, R., Ilic, V. 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